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vkook pics (@vkookpictures) | Twitter

Jeon Jungkook: I am dying yayyyy

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we are bulletproof!

Namjin // Namjoon y Seokjin // Dios de la destrucción y Reina de las divas

Thought you just needed these beautiful pics of Jungkook eating a chip

i love this gif sooo much i don't even know why

❝WWYD❞ ᵇᵗˢ - 58 - j.jk

Be With You (Sequel to Undercover Fan) - Cold - Wattpad

É isso que eu recebo todo dia MIN YOONGI Tiro e mais tiro

Read fondo 48 : yoomin 😉😋 from the story fondos de pantalla × BTS by misakiACl (ARMY) with reads.

Jeongguk looks so innocent and tae looks so serious, he's literally staring into kookie's soul

♡ vkook jungkook: so you are telling me that jimin likes me taehyung: mhm

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Reakcje BTS ≧﹏≦

Oh GOD NO. He is so precious ! Please stop hurting me in making him do such things BTS

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he's so adorable. he couldn't even keep his eyes open properly ㅠㅠㅠ