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they're tiny turtles. i already died. second, they're teenage mutant ninja turtle babies. i'm in love. But there is no green teenage muntant ninja turtle.

Petite Lap Giraffe...where they do THAT at?

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Petite Lap Giraffe - OK, they got me! I never fall for scams and look up everything my friends send me, but this one got me - maybe my subconscious was longing for a petite giraffe to be real - IT'S NOT

Glaucus atlanticus. rare molluscs.

The Blue Dragon (Glaucus atlanticus sea slug), one of the world’s rarest and most beautiful mollusks.

<3 Ninja Turtles <3

It might be photoshoped

watch baby turtles hatch on a beach & find the ocean

Encuentran cría de tortuga con dos cabezas en Jupiter Island, Florida - Two-headed turtle: Hatchling found on northern Jupiter Island

Las mejores imágenes del mar y los océanos están aquí

Art Encuentran cra de tortuga con dos cabezas en Jupiter Island, Florida - Two-headed turtle: Hatchling found on northern Jupiter Island animales-marinos

la maravilla del tigre

I love those blue tigers! Second fave is the white tigers. then the liger/tigon, then the golden tiger, then the snow white tiger!

Baths Can be Fun for Everybody! ..... This is just adorable. I love

Baths Can be Fun for Everybody!

Although this turtle looks like he's smiling and happy about the toothbrush cleaning. We have had our turtle for over 8 years and he hates the toothbrush! That turtle is trying to bite that guys finger.

Animals with their miniatures...

Animals with their miniatures… Awww.

Maltese Blue Tiger

Om people are seriously dumb. Or at last they've never been proven, and the last "sighting " was in the These are Photoshopped or dyed.

In March 2011, an African tortoise with two heads and five legs was born in Zilina, Slovakia. She, at that time was seven weeks old, was christened with two names: Magda (left head) and Lenka (right head).

Você já viu animais como esses?

CONJOINED TWIN TURTLES, reptiles are the most commonly found conjoined animal. There are multiple photos attesting to 2 headed calves and other farm animals with partial additional body appendages. Usually they end up in museums and exhibits.

Shaking Dogs, Frozen in Mid-Slobber by Carli Davidson

Shaking Dogs, Frozen in Mid-Slobber, Go From Viral Hit to Thriving Business

Shaking Dogs, Frozen in Mid-Slobber by Carli Davidson. mid slobber means a lot

Dogs That Look Like Other Things

Picture # 72 collection funny dogs picture pics) for December 2015 – Funny Pictures, Quotes, Pics, Photos, Images and Very Cute animals.

For The Love Of Hedgehogs! - LoL Champ

The baby hedgehog should also be fed with good milk substitute like “Vitapet” lactose free pet milk which is usually available in the supermarket. You should never give your hoglets cow’s milk.

Oh my goodness, I want them al!!!!

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I want that job. Ok I so thought those were spiders for a minute, and was like why the crap would you want that job! Lol>> I thought they were spiders!<<< where can I apply for this job?

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Amazing story about baby koala's life in pictures.I need pet Koala babies

인형 빨래하기.jpg - clien

the cutest kitty bath