Night terror- a sleep disorder characterized by high arousal and a appearance of being terrified; unlike nightmares, night terrors occur in stage are seldom remembered

" thinking2 " by skirill@ deviantart dark fantasy art

“ Creepy Drawings by Kirill Semenov DeviantArt Another artist we’ll introduce today is Kirill Semenov from Russia. Kirill aka Skirill specializes in various original creepy drawings.

Ze had erg vaak nachtmerries. Ook over Frederik en de brand.

Samhain is gets me in a frenzied mood! Photos like this inspire me , I grew up in a VERY old house, generations lived there,& I got teased bc it looked “haunted"and I wasnt “normal".

artisafeeling: “ John Kenn Mortensen ”                                                                                                                                                      Mehr

This work is by John Kenn Mortensen. The intent of this work is to give a tangible representation of depression. The dark figure is behind the man, yet he dominates the whole of the piece. The lack of color helps convey to the viewer a sense o