the gold eyeshadow with pale pink lipstick is such a pretty look for the summer


Where do I get those transcendent purple eyes? What more do they see besides purple butterflies?


Purple fantasy girl - she would look right at home in the Realm of the Purple…


Items similar to SALE Black Cat Art Print // Sleeping Kitten // Lilac Daydreams - on Etsy

Color splash photo manipulation...but this would be fun to paint for parties.

Gorgeous, blue butterfly effect eye shadow makeup! / Creative eye shadows makeup that enhance your beauty / Paris Neel on Fuseink

Ultra Eye ~ Face Art ♡  #faceart  #jewelexi

Gorgeous peacock inspired makeup enhanced with crystal accents costume next yr! Gonna be a peacock!

Puple bottle

purple beach bottle, three of my favorite things.purple, beach, and glass bottles in rich colors