Hufflepuff Kristanna by on @DeviantArt

Woah finally done with this, I reeeally love those Hogwarts crossovers xD and if you want to fight me if they rly belong in hufflepuff, go on and speak .

dad: we're so proud of you girls, and especially you summer. -smiles- grace: thanks thank you daddy..-hugs smiling- mom: -smiles-

agdar (frozen) anna (frozen) blonde hair braid brown hair elsa (frozen) family father and daughter frozen (disney) happy hug idunn (frozen) mother and daughter multiple girls panbukin siblings sisters smile

Anna and Kristoff

When Anna got nightmares about losing Kristoff forever, Kristoff is always there…

Elsa & Anna

anna (frozen) baby blonde hair blue eyes blush child elsa (frozen) english frozen (disney) hairband hooreng hug multiple girls on bed orange hair pillow siblings sisters sitting smile younger

Have to.wonder how Kristoff did around people after he got with Anna

This is such a sweet drawing! His isolation is confirmation of his desperation for healing hugs.

If frozen was anime


I don't like frozen.or elsa but this anime fanart version is bueno