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Pachirisu gijinka.

animal ears arm up armpits belt buck teeth clenched hand english fake animal ears gloves green hair gwayo hair ornament hairclip highres long hair midriff miniskirt moemon navel one eye closed open mouth pachirisu personification pointing pokemon pok

Moon & Lillie

lillie_(pokemon_sm) mizuki_(pokemon_sm) nagakura_(seven_walkers) pokemon pyukumuku rowlet

no doubt ^v^ is still same person hehe

“ I’ve chosen you! — Reprint and Use without my permission is prohibited.(Please don’t delete this text) ”

Ghost Pokemon Trainer - She's kinda creepy in the games but she's not here, here she looks really cute!! :3

ahoge al bhed eyes black hair braixen dress eating espurr hairband hex maniac (pokemon) jellicent mewtwo nintendo nishihara isao npc trainer open mouth pokemon pokemon (game) pokemon xy purple eyes smile - Image View -

Resultado de imagen para giratina baby comic

Resultado de imagen para giratina baby comic

bandanna bike shorts bike shorts under shorts blue eyes bracelet brown hair dual persona fanny pack hairband haruka (pokemon) haruka (pokemon) (remake) hug jewelry long hair manmaru tamago multiple girls open mouth pokemon pokemon (creature)

Pokemon Black/White 2 | Pokemon BW 2 | Pokemon Black 2 | Pokemon White 2 | Nate | Hugh | Rosa |This is the cutest XD

My second playthrough of White 2 started with an internal debate on whether I should name myself(playing as Rosa) Rosa or Miss Donuts.