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#Yato .. i will remember you!

Who remember when hiyore forgot Yato did you scream your head off like me it was so weird but it as an amazing two or three episodes

Yes! Hideyoshi Kinoshita from Baka and Test! Does anyone know where the first one is from?

The first one is makoto kikuchi from: THE iDOLM The second one is Hideyoshi Kinoshita from Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu :)

Lol, NOTE though, how Kazuma doesn't say anything in response, which means he HAS got a lot of stress taking care of Bishamon | Kazuma and Yato | Noragami

You: *blushes and looks away* Me: *watches and observes the episode intently* You: What are you, a pervert? Me: *smirks* No, I'm just observant, that's all.

Noragami Aragoto

Noragami - Probably my favorite part of the entire anime.

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yato you can have all the 5 yen coins in the world if i can come to your universe!