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1D Central's post on Vine

Central& post on Vine

British Goodness.. posted this cause One Direction is on this one. <3

I guess I'm more British than American I love one direction and Harry Potter I hate Justin bieber I don't like the twilight series I don't even know who the girl is so I guess I'm on Britain's side

Niall farting on stage I'm dying!!!!! Harry's like "Really?" and Niall's just like "It is what it is, mate." XD

"Remember when Niall farted on stage.Im done im dying ahaha (gif)" Nialls face is so cute!>>> Lol this is the cutest and funniest thing I've ever seen lol oh my gosh and harry is like are you freak in kidding me lol omg I love this so much

Jensen Ackles Asylum 14 *hot DAMN!*

He looks so sexy in this picture. I don't usually like that color shirt on a man, but Jensen in this picture is sending my mind to a dirty place!