Hey Hoooo~ by BayneezOne on DeviantArt

Nagisa upgraded it’s been half a year of traveling so she’s lost her chub, but gaining muscles ;

Ayako---16---Blood Type A---Fire and Wind Chakra Nature---Sagittarius---Kekkei Genkei: White Fire Weaving----Special Jonin

What a babe Saiury is such a gorgeous OC! c: Saiury Sakamazu belongs to PCOMM for CookieHolicNyu

Naruto Shippuuden OC: Tsukino Kisho by ShuraGirlSayuri on DeviantArt

Akatsuki OC Adon by RikudoSannin06

Ibuki and Akihara are runaway shinobi from their respective villages. Ibuki had been apart of the Uchiha clan, long ago, he was Itachi and Sasuke (main . ibuki and akihara

Full body for 8'D I.............totally didn't recycle her design. sta.sh/0gxxgf8ra8k Soooo old Here is some interesting information............she was part of a project with Narashi ... sta.sh/0it...

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