The Miter Box – Tiny House Swoon

Miter Box by Shelter Wise. (The Pearl that was at Caravan Hotel was also built by them on loan/rented to Caravan. It was since sold by the owners at ShelterWise). You can see the design similarities between The Pearl and Miter Box.


Initially this brick house was an old laundry boiler room. Despite its modest sizes, Brick House, the small apartment is very interesting.

One of the best portable tiny house interiors I've seen. the-miter-box-2

the miterbox tiny house on wheels 011 The Miter Box: Modern Tiny House on Wheels by Shelter Wise LLC

Curled up with a cup of coffee and a book, I'd spend the day in that bed.

Tiny house lots of bookshelves! This is what is missing in most of those plans interior design house design

Woman builds herself a gorgeous, tiny, healthy, "chemical free" house : TreeHugger

Woman builds herself a gorgeous, tiny, healthy, "chemical free" house

Chemical Free Tiny House in British Columbia, Canada - kitchen, loft above - photos : tinyhouseswoon

These are small houses on wheels. I am in love! I wish we could do this. They are way nicer than my apartment.

This couple, Jenna & Guillaume, quit their jobs, build a Tiny House on wheels and went on a giant journey.

This tiny house, called hOMe only cost $33,000 to build and has loads of cool features and creature comforts. #tiny_house #tiny_home #small_home #mobile_home #small_spaces

hOME: A Tiny House You Can Build for Less Than $33,000

Small Home by Andrew & Gabriella Morrison. Tiny 221 square feet house on wheels designed by Andrew & Gabriella Morrison of TinyHouseBuild.

Aging in place in a tiny house: Talk about downsizing

A one of a kind 200 sq. modern tiny house on wheels for sale in the Ashland, Oregon area.

Anyone know of a tiny house builder in the area?

Can I move in tomorrow? Just lovin this model! A 450 sq ft tiny house named the Waterhaus. One of the most beautiful tiny house interiors I've seen

A beautiful shepherds hut interior

View a gallery of Shepherds Huts at The Shepherds Hut Retreat in Somerset. Each one is hand-built here by us.

How to Design a Tiny House in 3D  by Vincent on March 1, 2013

The McG Loft from Humble Homes was created to make tiny houses more accessible to those for whom climbing a ladder to the loft was not an option. This home contains a wide staircase to the sleeping loft, making it perfect for the ladder wary.


the miterbox tiny house on wheels 006 The Miter Box: Modern Tiny House on Wheels by Shelter Wise LLC