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Vauxhall 3.3L GP (1914 Tourist Trophy) | SMCars.Net - Car Blueprints Forum

This 1914 Vauxhall Litre raced in the 1914 Isle of Man 600 mile tourist trophy race, and crashed on the of 16 laps on the mile circuit. The race was won by a Sunbeam.

German Toy Steam Engine... But am I the only one looking and thinking this would be a great mod job on a sewing machine?

toy steam engine - my brother had one of these - stunk to high heaven and was pretty dangerous. I stayed clear of it when he had it out, it scared me!

MG-K3 Version_02.jpeg

CycleKart Plans & Drawings Thread : CycleKart Tech Forum : CycleKart Forum : The CycleKart Club

How to Make Your Own Go Kart Steering Parts

How to build a go kart (for beginners) [Archive] - DIY Go Kart Forum

Go Kart Steering Plans - Tie Rod and Pitman Arm

How to design a simple go kart steering system. Spindles, tie rod, and steering shaft connections and how to make them.