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Dream imagination surrealism surreal art Man, Escalator and water-- Interesting. Many of my dreams do involve large uncontrollable bodies of water.

Tron meets Silent Hill. #imgur

Don't know why I find this so appealing

Moody Colors Night photo by © Justin Broadway; reminds me of Todd Hido photography

el karma siempre te acompañara

Surreal Photo Manipulations by Hugh Kretschmer

Today we take a look at some great surreal images care of Los Angeles-based photographer, Hugh Kretschmer. More images below. pic and info: Hugh Kretschmer

Lemon Juice Art Print by Djuno Tomsni | Society6

Camping on Mars? Seaside fun with views of Saturn? French artist Djuno Tomsni imagines the perfect summer vacation in outer space with his hand-made collages from vintage holiday brochures and photo albums.


a starry room, wow!

Da una parte quelli che avevano le chiavi, dall'altra quelli che non ce le avevano. Non avevano, quelle chiavi, una forma molto diversa in verità, da quelle che solitamente abbiamo nelle porte interne delle case o nelle toppe dell'armadio in camera da letto, ma erano appunto grosse il doppio, il triplo, come se le avessero fatte pensando che a usarle sarebbe stata una mano più grande. mi sentii rabbrividire, all'idea di quella mano.

Picture writing prompt: The keys contain things people need. When each person turns they can only choose ONE key to use for the rest of their life. Which key will you/the protagonist pick?

Rafal Olbinski’s adventure world - ego-alterego.com

Rafal Olbinski’s adventure world

Se Salvador Dali Fosse Vivo o Que Ele Diria Do Trabalho De Rafal Olbinski? Picture on VisualizeUs - Bookmark pictures and videos that inspire you. Social bookmarking of pictures and videos. Find your pictures and videos.

"Fall deep" by Beth Hoeckel.

Portofolio Seni Manipulasi Digital Foto - Surreal Photo Manipulations by Sarah DeRemer  #PHOTOMANIPULATION

Artist Manipulates Photos To Create Intriguing And Surreal Images Sarah DeRemer’s latest work titled ‘Surreal Experiments’ is a hybrid collection of realistic and dreamlike visuals.

stairways to heaven... (via Kɑ√ɑmelɅnƍel✤ (karamelangel...via carryverrijt.tumblr 23861001555)

Knocking on heaven´s door © Ralf Mack

Let us remember within us The ancient clay, Holding the memory of seasons, The passion of the wind, The fluency of water, The warmth of fire, The quiver-touch of the sun And shadowed sureness of the moon.~John O'Donohue To Another Reality ..by Vimark

♂ Dream Imagination Surrealism Surreal art by To Another Reality .by Vimark >> Surreal - Dreaming - Fantasy

Space Kids, Consciousness, Kiss, Urban, Searching, Infatuation, Lineup, Collage, My Heart

Don't you want this moment to last forever?

I stream osu!

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World - bigtoe142@hotmail.com

Scott Pilgrim vs The World

Kaitoka: I'm going to go for a while, just...leave me be, okay?

leave me be, okay?