Camellia japonica 'Herme'

50 pieces/bag, Camellia seeds, Camellia flowers seeds 24 kinds or colors to choose from

~Camellia Nuccio's Pearl

Camellia japonica 'Nuccio's Pearl ': conteneur 12 litres

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Governor Mouton Variegated Camellia camellia japonica governor mouton The Governor Mouton Spring Blooming Camellia is an evergreen shrub with red and white variegated flowers that bloom in winter into Más

He has straight black hair in a ponytail and keeps a fresh carnation in his lapel and likes to be seen sniffing it.

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**Higo Camellia 'Azuma Nishiki'

Photo Camellia Higo "Azuma Nishiki" - Kamelie by Tina & Horst Herzig Photography