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Anna Keay Fine Art - Maui Artist specializing in oil paintings of tropical flowers and bridal bouquets.

Бахман Фарзад (Bahman Farzad) Лотос

Бахман Фарзад (Bahman Farzad) Лотос

piante grasse

Some folks think succulent plants are boring; check out the Echeveria flowers - Lovely !

ti plants are often planted around the perimeter of an island house or yard, for protection.

Tropical Foliage Plants are great for creating a Tropical Garden Design. We look at some of the best plants for tropical style gardens - My Gardening Today

Cavendishia grandifolia  is a lung growth species described by Johann Moritz David Herold . Cavendishia grandifolia is part of the genus Cavendishia and the family lung plants . Lung Plants (Ericaceae) are mainly found in temperate areas. The family comprises about 100 families with 3,400 species. Lung plants are lime-green and thrive best in sour soil, usually half-shrubs or small bushes with strewn, evergreen leaves. The flowers are usually round, bell-shaped or bottle-shaped.

Peach Cavendishia grandifolia flower buds Roses adore the simplicity and sweetness in this peaches and pink floral.

I like it I don`t know what it is  but I like it

This is Nagapushpam flower which blooms only once in 36 yrs. It bloomed today at at Manasarovar Himalayas. (naga means snake)

Ceropegia distincta var haygarthii - like radar on a satellite!

Ceropegia distincta var haygarthii ~ Ceropegia is a genus of plants within the family Apocynaceae, native to Africa, southern Asia, and Australia

Stapelianthus madagas-cariensis from Madagascar. Grow in greenhouse where not hardy. Rarely affected by pests & diseases: cacti & other succulents

Flores de suculentas que te sorprenderán y encantarán

A wonderful Stepelia succulent flower by Chris Moore

Jungle cactus Selenicereus... They open just before sunset and later have a very strong perfume.

- electricorchid: The rick rack cactus. The rick rack cactus (Selenicereus anthonyanus) is a rare epiphyte from the rainforests of southern Mexico. Its stunning flowers open at dusk, to be visited by moths and bats.

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Plumeria (common name Frangipani) is a genus of flowering plants in the dogbane family, Apocynaceae.

Carrion Plant, Starfish Plant, Starfish Cactus (Stapelia grandiflora)

Starfish Succulent ~ Stapelia blossom ~ My parents had one of these. I member the bloom being much larger than this one. Note: Bloom has a "fishy" odor.