© Paulina Arcklin | A new Zenza shop in Amsterdam

My favorite Peacock chairs and perforated lighting © Paulina Arcklin

Forget about formally organizing your precious into neatly regimented lines of frames and items organized tidily on shelves, let it live and breathe. Bohemians loved art, but often had relatively little space, so what space they had was typically crammed full of their favourite items. Pictures were grouped together, however they fitted best into the space, books were piled on floors, knick-knacks were pushed onto shelves

I was invited to join the opening of the new Zenza conceptstore last saturday. They’ve opened their second store in Amsterdam (and in the Netherlands!

10 BEST: Rattan armchairs | My Paradissi

10 BEST: Rattan armchairs

☮ American Hippie Bohéme Boho Lifestyle ☮ Hammock swing chair

This could be good for the gazebo or somewhere else like the front porch if the diagonal hammock is too invasive. It could also be cute to have two hammocks on the front porch on either end of the rocking chairs which would create a cozy perimeter.

© Paulina Arcklin | Photo Styling project in Mallorca | Carde Reimerdes www.carde.de

23 Beautiful Boho Sunroom Design Ideas - Interior Decorating and Home Design Ideas

Ethno - BEAUTIFUL, where are this lamps from?

Digital Decorator likes this modern Boho design. with its simple monochromatic color palette & a beautifully colored pouf, as well as a cluster of hanging lanterns, this screams contemporary Boho.

Passion Shake | My visit to Sukha Amsterdam | http://passionshake.com

My visit to Sukha Amsterdam

Mariska's Bold & Bright Amsterdam Apartment — House Call | Apartment Therapy

Mariska's Bold & Bright Amsterdam Apartment — House Call

Mariska Meijers's Bold & Bright Amsterdam Apartment — House Call (picture by Joanne Zonderland)