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Lifehacks from 100 years ago…. Water filter, light a match in the wind, and more

Lifehacks from 100 years ago…

Funny pictures about Lifehacks from 100 years ago. Oh, and cool pics about Lifehacks from 100 years ago. Also, Lifehacks from 100 years ago.

Like, but would have water pump & outlet on opposite sides to keep water clean & circulated.

This system circulates water from the fish tank into the plant beds and drains back into the tank. The fish in the water creates extra nourishment for the plants.

Cool "Car"

Cool "Car"

DIY Porche made out of plastic pipes and aluminum foil. Took Austrain artist Hannes Langeder over hours to complete.

Must Have Kitchen Items for Off The Grid or Preppers » The Homestead Survival

Must Have Kitchen Items for Any situation. At some point you’re going to have to learn to use a kitchen in much the same way as your granny, or your great-granny, did. Here are 38 essential kitchen items to have.

types of wells, where to put them, how to use them

water - supply - Homestead Water Sources and Options - Modern dug wells are lined with large, tubular concrete tiles to keep surface water and soil from contaminating the well water. From MOTHER EARTH NEWS magazine.

How To Make Survival Cement (Cob)

How To Make Survival Cement (Cob)

Survival cement, or cob as it is traditionally known has been used for of years for building. It is made by mixing mud (the higher clay content the better), dry grass or straw and water together. You can then use it as a cement to repair walls or.

Newspaper Logs . How to.

How to make newspaper logs for your fire Learning how to make newspaper logs for your fire as an alternative fuel or as a supporting fire starter can creat

Survival tools from an old cell phone

Engineers love making things and technology. And when we recently stumbled on an infographic that tells you how to upcycle your broken mobile phone parts into survival tools, we knew we had to share — immediately! Mobile phones have become […]