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Saint Seiya, Knights

Cavaleiros dos Zodíacos-Clássico

St Seiya All I can see is Dragon Ball and Pokemon posts, am I the only one who worshiped these guys when I was young?

Who has got the most kills in Dragon Ball / DBZ? I think it's really sad they incorporated Grandpa Gohan :( I mean I get it but still.

Who has got the most kills in Dragon Ball / DBZ?

All kills of Vegeta, Gohan, trunks, Goku, and Yamaha

what kind of guy she likes

Dbz Dating Guide

Hahahaha xD DragonBallZ Im into Vegeta! bad boys What kind of guy are you into?

Caballeros del Zodiaco (Saint Seiya) fue uno de los animes más radicales de finales de los 80. ¿Pero sabéis cómo acabó? Este es el final de la serie animada

Though Ghost in the Shell may have bombed at the box office, that's not stopping Toei Animation from teaming with Hong Kong-based A Really Good Film Company (ARGF)for a live-action Saint Seiya movie.

Piccolo & Krillin Fusion

Piccolo & Krillin Fusion OMG, this actually works!

DBZ and Naruto. Aww I kinda like Naruto now. I'll post some on it when I read more.

Dbz ftw sorry naruto

All Families Of Dragon Ball. The Last One Makes Me Cry...

All Families Of Dragon Ball. The Last One Makes Me Cry...

Dragon Ball│Dragon Ball: y'all stop picking on poor Yamcha, lol. Puar is his family.


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I particularly love wolverine on the disco comic.

The best yamcha joke!

Mobile Apps Fan on

Enough with the Yamcha meme! It's a boring cliche that isn't funny nor was it ever.

Goku logic

Chi chi: the only thing goku is afraid of

Funny Dbz Poems - Meme Center - If you love Saiyan T-shirt & Hoodie, Click the Picture to see.

caballeros del zodiaco

pack de imagenes de saint seiya!

The Hades Chapter

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No preguntes solo gozalo

Bulma and Vegeta:

I'm sorry but this is funny xD