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Older siblings: ruining your first impressions since *insert date of birth*. The struggle is real. - Oh, Loki... :)

It's kind of sad that people only know Loki as Thor's brother though. He's not just Loki. He's Loki, brother of the almighty Thor.

Three 'VERY' different categories of actors.  I love it, and it's so accurate too.

The three different categories of actors

Professionals in real life / Assassins in Avengers. Frat Buds in real life / The muscles in Avengers. Children in real life / Science bros in Avengers.

Poor tom, doesnt know. Lol

All should kneel before Tom Hiddleston.But I kneel to no one exactly

me: *sees thor* pretty cool also me: *sees loki* the most attractive and intelligent person to ever exist

I think we all would, Tom. This is so funny.<<<<<Yes, Tom, you ARE insanely smart and incredibly good looking.

yes this part in the movie made me cry so much

I'm not going to lie, when I went to see Thor I was going in thinking Thor was the hottest thing on earth. And then THIS GUY showed up on screen and I was done. Then Loki decided to play with my emotions and the rest is history. Exude me while I go cry………

This girl has some courage

Bucky Barnes Sebastian Stan Captain America The Winter Soldier. His face is precious>>>She just asked the best question ever

The funny part is Tom was probably trying so hard so stay in character and not to hug her

The funny part is Tom was probably trying so hard so stay in character and not to hug her<<yeah he was probably like "don't laugh. Loki doesn't care about children.

He is so smart how could they not know that he has something up his sleeve!!!

Loki is so brilliant, it's mind blowing. He is so far ahead of everyone else. He wins the race before you even find the starting line, he's uncatchable. And when Loki knows what he wants, he will get it. The god of mischief and lies, indeed.


AU where this happened. <<<<Most of Avengers: 'Come on guys!' Hawkeye: 'You do that. I'm going to live in this cave after your dead.' runs away and live in cave for rest of life while Avengers dead and Loki rules the world.

Loki ~ Behind the mask...

Oh gosh this is so true, I feel like if Loki was a good guy he'd be the greatest superhero, but he still have those days where he feels dark and Thor and the others tell him he's a nice person and not to feel like a maniac and I've just made myself cry