Les splendides digital paintings de Jana Schirmer à ne pas manquer !

Artist: Jana Schirmer aka janaschi - Title: paradise 2 - Card: Ellichika of Paradise (Peacekeeper)

Roleplaying characters, descriptions, and portraits

'""Here she comes,"" he thought, ""our imperial interest. A mock-princess, a mock-queen for Cintra. A mock-ruler for the mouth of the Yarra, future lifeblood of the empire.""  This is one of the cards that were truly a pleasure to work on. Really like this character in the books and I am happy to be able to portray it :)

Keira Metz for Gwent 'If I'm to die today, I wish to look smashing for the occasion.' Illustration done for Gwent - huge lesson on trying to incorporate.

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Aguara - Gwent Card Game

Aguara - Gwent Card Game

C.Greenwood 2015 by HELMUTTT.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

C Greenwood Fire 2015 by Helmuttt

adventure-fantasy: “ Edict Carver Kesen_adv by Tsvetka ”

Edict Carver Kesen_(adv) Title: Lithograph Goddess for “Legend Of The Cryptids” by Tsvetka

Female Arcane Trickster. As if regular rogues weren't dangerous and unpredictable enough. Elfrida Eastmark

Illusionist Spell, Pass Through. The Illusionist fears no locks or closed doors. Using its arcane abilities to etherealise him- or herself, they can pass through any doors. Doesnt work on doors protected with an Arcane Lock or a Magic Ward, will trigger A

Rui Li,art барышня,красивые картинки,Маги(Fantasy),Fantasy,Fantasy art,art,арт

Ainsley Priestess, Rui Li on ArtStation

The Necromancer Artwork by Benjamin Ee on ArtStation.

What I imagine a gateway looks like. A Wizard's Work by JoeSlucher on deviantART

A Wizard's Work by JoeSlucher on deviantART <<< "Ready? I have to go in last to keep the portal open.

Shamano mezzosangue mentre compie un rito di medicina buona

Shamano mezzosangue mentre compie un rito di medicina buona

Artist: Unknown name aka zinnaDu - Title: Unknown - Card: Blossom Cleric Efrem: