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I could write a book for everyone of them describing how beautiful and infiring they are, seriously, I feel like a proud mom Bts

171117 Access Hollywood We’re with the boys of as they rehearse for the Army, their performance is going to be FIRE


Bts (^▽^) can you imagine them fighting for you for your attention and they want you to choose one of them. It's like a dream come true - BTS ~ DarksideAnime

BTS cada young de distinto color de pelo

BTS Jin Seokjin Suga Yoongi Rapmonster Namjoon J-Hope Hoseok Jimin V Taehyung Jungkook 💕💕


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BTS Bighit Trans : [Today’s Bangtan] we hope that ARMYs who were with us today and yesterday had a happy time! ARMYs who weren’t able to be with us,we shal meet next time 💕 success!

♡ #BTS #방탄소년단 #LOVE_YOURSELF Highlight Reel #轉 (youtu.be/Oj-zYDbw1Co)

Love Yourself Highlight reel. i will never be ready for this btw just saying in the first pic IM FINE says SAVE ME upside down, most of u know but the theories in my head rn I cant

Jimin (ノ゙⌯'⌄'⌯)ノ゙*

When Park Jimin has more sass than you and could do a better hair flick than you could