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Kill Bill 1 & 2  Chronological Order by Noah Smith

Kill Bill Duology In Chronological Order

Kill Bill vol1

Filmes de Quentin Tarantino - posters de cinema minimalistas - Kill Bill vol 2


My own minimalistic movie posters MarkH A movie where a girl in a sexy yellow uniform with a samurai sword slaughter people. I think yellow suit and hair addition would have made this better.

8bit version of Kill Bill

8 bit movie posters - Kill Bill - this is my favorite one, but the others are neat too.

Kill Bill, Vol. 1 The Bride’s Body count

Quentin Tarantino Movies Fun Infographics - New York Graphic Design Agency Alfalfa Studio

Thank you for everything, QT.

We Made These 9 Minimalist Posters Of Quentin Tarantino Movies As A Tribute To The Master Auteur