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This cats spots r freaking awesome

PANTHER PAIR Female jaguar twins Zamba and Cauta roam around at Las Leyendas Zoo in Lima, Peru. The twins were born a year ago in the zoo, and were elected as a symbol for Earth Day.


Superb Nature - beautiful-wildlife: Lynx by gruenerapfel

Panthère en chasse...

Jaguar at Wildlife Heritage Foundation. © All Rights Reserved - No usage allowed without written consent from ScottD Photography.

I don't know if this is real, but it's cool!

Here are some melanistic animals (melanistic is the opposite transition of albinism). Humans are animals too Melanistic animals Here are some melanistic (melanistic is the opposite transition of albinism) Humans too

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Panther, actually a Black Leopard. If you look at the coat in sunlight, you can see faint spots.

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