Rakshas by GaudiBuendia.  A demon or unrighteous spirit in Hinduism that feeds on human flesh, sleep on a bed of dead insects. Shapechangers  magicians, appear in the forms of humans, dogs, and large birds. They can make themselves invisible and can not enter a home without being invited. According to the Ramayana, an ancient Sanskrit epic, they were created from the Foot of Brahma, the Hindu God of Creation.

Fantasy Illustrations by Alexandra Khitrova. Reminds me of Sekhmet, the Egyptian goddess with a lioness head. Sekhmet was a warrior goddess, and fiercely protected the pharaoh.

Mounstro aragnido

Spider Witch by *GENZOMAN She appears in a couple of stories of arabian myths.

Illidan Stormrage - world of warcraft fan art | Dark elf elves, warcraft characters |  Demon Hunter | The Betrayer, Lord of Outland, Ruler of the Naga

Illustration de XL-Kong