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Omg I get it it's pretty funny

Omg I get it it's pretty funny


FINALLY THE TRUTH How could bammie be older than Jackson? Nonono bammie is the Jackson is the >> m not sure bout that

yourmom : Photo

Bts: Oh stand over here! The lighting is great! ok now let me just make you look like an alien who was beaten with a bat

ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Jungkook BTS memo @iryeonii. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

fools rm and jk piano tales-ის სურათის შედეგი

The power Hallyu fans have scares me sometimes

Oh yeah i remember Emma Stone saying she loves kpop in a Conan interview!

Oh Jackson how I love your innocent honesty XD

12 Times K-Pop Fans Went Savage

GOT7 Meme

not that kind of daddy, JB. more like "daddy af". I'm not much into that phrase but HOT DAMN. this look is daddy af.

#ThanksGivingWithBTS #ThanksGivingWithGOT7 #ThanksGivingWithMonstaX

I absolutely love that pic of Namjoon it's just the perfect meme

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Hahahhahah and the fact that V talked about this during an interview makes it that much better.P Daehyun & BTS Jimim = BamBam and B.P Daehyun & EXO Baekyun = BTS V