Check out these gorgeous ideas for cake stand wedding centerpieces. See how to make flower arrangements on cake stands and cake stand centerpieces.

Another Fruit Display using melons as bowls and plant stands perhaps?

My daughter(Brandy) and I made another fruit display for some good friends daughter's wedding.

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Maybe an edible centerpiece for a wedding? Or at least definitely on the menu in a wedding buffet line! I want tons of fruit at my wedding!

Easy and inexpensive centre piece

Simple, inexpensive, but striking table decoration. Save money by using lemons instead. Yellow lemons with pink flowers would be great for a bridal shower.

Centerpiece - I love this one!

Teleflora's original gift arrangement in a red glass square vase of purple hydrangea, red and lavender roses, and burgundy scabiosa

Gorgeous fruit display - here's how:

Monogram on the watermelon! (funny) Fruit display with simple carved honeydew and watermelon, bell pepper dip containers