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The okapi is also a kosher animal because it chews it's cud and has cloven hooves. It also looks like a zebra, horse and giraffe had a love child.

It's a baby Okapi ! An okapi is a short-necked relative of the giraffe whose hind legs look very similar to that of a zebra's. The stripes are a very dominant feature and no two have the same stripe pattern, so the little ones can distinguish the mom from


The peacock is endowed with a lot of beauty so here are some great collection of Beautiful Mind Relaxing Peacock Pictures.

Aistor is the god of acting, plays, drama, pride, and comedy. He often takes the form of a comically large, vibrantly colored peacock. His other form is that of an unassuming young man, giving advice to aspiring actors and directors, as well as blessing or cursing plays. He likes to spark drama between his fellow gods and mortals, which makes him also the god of rumors.

Aistor is the god of acting, plays, drama, pride, and comedy. He often takes…


The grey peacock - pheasant (Polyplectron bicalcaratum), also known as Burmese?

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15 Amazing Natural Wonders - Albino Animals!

Funny pictures about The marvelous albino peacock. Oh, and cool pics about The marvelous albino peacock. Also, The marvelous albino peacock photos.

I love peacocks ~ the colors!

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Colorful peacocks

The colours of this peacock are beautiful-great inspiration for a DIY marbling project. I've never seen a peacock this colour - but sure is inspiring for some of my creative work

A Beautiful, Colorful Peacock

Beautiful Colorful Peacock saw two seasons ago in backyard , it escaped from a farm and walked right in front of us gardening.