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by Gale Hart

A growing number of pioneering artists and photographers are now choosing to focus on the plight of these animals, in an attempt to expand people’s awareness of who they truly are when they are allowed to be free.

Painting of Lady Justice hanging alongside slaughtered animals, Jo Frederiks, vegan artist, animal activist, using art to raise awareness of animal suffering and inspiring change to a cruelty-free lifestyle, August 2014

Painting of Lady Justice hanging alongside slaughtered animals, Jo Frederiks…

Pawel-Kuczynski-28 Tú sí, ellos no. Nos vemos como gigantes, como dioses. Nosotros decidimos qué animales merece vivir y cual merece morir. Adoptamos un rol que no nos pertenece.

37 dibujos de crítica social de uno de los mejores artistas de pintura satírica


24 Impactantes ilustraciones de un mundo paralelo de los animales

Imagine a parallel universe where animals treat us humans the way we treat them. A world where humans are caged by birds and experimented upon by monkeys.

Lauren Marx Cultura Inquieta3

Lauren Marx’s Intricate Zoological, Cosmological Drawings - Artists Inspire Artists

"Same" - by Dana Ellyn

Free recipes and resources to help you move toward a vegetarian diet or vegan diet.

Jo Frederiks - Welcome to Hell

Using Art to raise awareness of animal suffering and inspire change to a cruelty free lifestyle.

Charles Freger: Boucher, Bleus de travail, 2002-2003

Bleus de travail, which is French for ‘work overalls’, is similar in approach to the two series Pattes blanches and Liteau, being a continuation of Fréger’s

A SHARK in the night.: A quick look at Pro-Fur and Anti-Fur Illustrations.

ssdmmfr: “ Artist & Illustrator: sncarmichael AKA: Scott Carmichael “Fur Fashion” “ “For an article about “origin assured” fur clothing.

Fashion Victims by Atan.deviantart.com on @deviantART

We were supposed to turn something upside down, in my case I chose fox and mink wearing human skin.