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Fantasy Photography | haunting, moody and, at times, romanticized portraits of people with their own captivating narratives.

Spirits In The Black Mist ~ "The demon I fear most does not come from faith. Neither material nor man may claim the source. That which haunts me stems from within; a source from which there is no escape." by Trini Schultz

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Forest maiden, medieval, fantasy "The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper. Yeats Enchanted Woods by Jessica Drossin on

Nuestros frenos: Hábitos para ser infeliz.  Hay situaciones que nos acontecen en la vida que sin duda nos han hecho, nos hacen y nos pueden hacer sentir dolor, tristeza, enfado…infelicidad.  Pero una gran parte de nuestros momentos de infelicidad proviene de nuestro propio pensamiento, que incide en nuestros comportamientos, pudiendo crear hábitos poco beneficiosos para nosotros.  Generali... [seguir leyendo en http://blog.fatimabril.es/2014/02/nuestros-frenos-habitos-para-ser-infeliz.html]

Michael Vincent Manalo is a Taiwan-based photographer and digital artist. This piece is titled "The Premonition". You can view more of Michael's work through Saatchi Art. Images courtesy of Michael Vincent Manalo