Artemis by Rookie425

A collection of some of my favorite girls from left to right, all but two of which are OCs by me. Done in stream the other night with caco-bro ,itscampi.

Halo - Evacuation by cfowler7-SFM

Halo - Evacuation by cfowler7-SFM

Fanart: So...friends? by CommanderNova702

"U-Uhh." Inspired from : Tex's recent post in regard of Neves and Tex partnership, LoL. >XD Decided to recreate it in SFM, . Fanart: So.

Halo Armor, Halo Spartan Armor, Halo Funny, Drop, Artwork, Master Chief, Chrysler 300, Red Vs Blue, Enemies

SPARTAN Femme Fatale (Enhanced Version)

Spartan Female Team I sure as hell wouldnt play around with them

SPARTAN Femme Fatale by LordHayabusa357