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Is this cat yelling or laughing? I can't quite tell. Backing away, just in case.

21 Cats Sitting And Sleeping EXACTLY Where They Shouldn't Be

"Is this cat yelling or laughing? Backing away, just in case." My guess is hissing, fuckwit.

小銭よりかつお節捧げなきゃ 猫さまがおさい銭箱の上でお眠りになられお参りができない事案が発生 にゃんということでしょう。 http://nlab.itmedia.co.jp/nl/articles/1607/01/news135.html

** The ever resourceful feline will preferably always find a box to sleep, in or on.

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Please Lord let the Girl who Now walks the dog, receive Divine inspiration and just keep it up for many, many days.

Kung-fu fighting

Everybody was kung-fu fighting Those cats were fast as lightning In fact it was a little bit frightning But they fought with expert timing.