Evolution of Sam's hair. Honestly Season one was my favorite. He looked so cute!!

evolution of sam winchesters hair.so happy to see they'e calmed the sideburns down for season They were getting out of hand.

Baby Dean and sammy kind of makes me want to start watching supernatural.comment if I should

Cute babies: dean and sam-Deans the only one looking for sammy, not their dad.

Must be Champ in Lake Champlain since Dean doesn't fly.

Sammy is trying to catch it with a net lol. (In Like a Virgin, Bobby Singer did say that the Loch Ness Monster is real, i think they should have an episode with Nessie or one where they mention it being real again)

Sam is the stable one this year

Pts is is awesome but it'd be even cooler if he said "sammys got this"

This is the most accurate thing I have ever seen...

I've never seen anything more accurate in my life. But there should be a lot more tears. << A LOT MORE<<I actually started watching Spn when I was 11 weirdly enough.

Sammy :(

I'm currently rewatching season 1 with my roommate, who's never seen it before…

Supernatural // awws:') I love it when Sam mediates and makes all three of them behave like proper brothers again^^

Sammy loves Cas, too, and anyone who says otherwise will get the full extent of my WRATH! >>>>> I am Sam

"That universe where Dean is a demon, but it's (pretty much) okay." ||| Demon!Dean and Sam ||| Supernatural Fan Art by polyglotplatypus on Tumblr

"That universe where Dean is a demon, but it's (pretty much) okay." The pie thing killed me.

Sammy no

I hope Lucifer is back in season 9 and this is how he convinces Sam to say yes. and Dean in the back "Sammy no" something tells me Season ten Dean is more like "Sammy Yes"