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Operação fugir...

Trying to escape lol - my little beagle did this once at my mother-in-laws house under a chain link fence and got so stuck she took a little chunk of fur out of her head!

Excuse me... but are you going to eat that or can I have it?

Adorable Beagle: "You are so going to let me sleep with you!


Clearly, one Foxhound in the pack wanted nothing to do with fox hunting.he just wanted to be loved by a family to call his own. How touching.

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I have a super soft spot for beagles. Look at this sweet face.

When you love a Be able it is til eternity.. I miss you Jenny and Zoey. Rest in heaven  #inspiration http://www.nojigoji.com.au/

Beagle - Friendly and Curious

Cute 8 Weeks Old Baby Beagle Plays With Older Beagles For The First Time!

cool beagle

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Seriously, they're all programmed the exact same at the beagle factory. They love to sleep and love to love.

~✿✿✿~ Beagle house ~✿✿✿~ And I thought one dog on my couch was bad!