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Doctor Who

Headcanon: Rory met many earlier versions of the Doctor while he waited for Amy.

When I first watched this scene, I had to rewind and watch it again on account of the fact that it made me giggle and also cause matts hair.

I love the Doctor's face when he asks Clara to say that to him. He looks so happy and pleased that she is saying it. :) He looks so cute!

Pretty Rory xD

Rory, the pretty one. XD← the TARDIS thinks Rory is pretty, Doctot, get over it!

that moment when doctor who references doctor who...//He did it as Ten as well

that moment when doctor who references doctor who. <--- that's the second time that reference has been made the only one who didn't make it was 11


Amy doesn't call her River. She calls her Melody and tells her to be a good girl. The only time River is treated like a little girl. Tge only time that Amy speaks to her as her mother, rather than her friend.

"For $20 would you burn a fez?" The horror!

Burn a fez? Are u Satan?<<<<i'm Satan, but not even I would do something so horrible like burn a fez!