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accurate summary of their trio

Scumbag Teacher Since .he's black.and he's.in school? Scumbag Teacher Since 2004 wrt wait he's black and in school?

why I named one of the strays at my mom's house Zazzles :)

he-is-so-zazzy-funny-quotes-from-the-big-bang-theory-by-sheldon-this-little-guy-is-zazzles-i-was-going-to-name-him-herman-von-helholms- I love this

He has an army, and we aren't mindless aliens bent on world domination.... Ok maybe to the world domination part, but we aren't mindless. :)

Lol and Loki said he had an army. Robert has a hulk, and his own army ;


Peeta practices his pole dancing moves. This is amazing and I don't even like the Hunger Games!

I love how nickelodeon made a good boob joke that was so quick that nobody noticed!

The funny part for me is that that is what happened to me irl XD grade was an interesting year

That's So Raven

That's So Raven Miss this show so much :'( am i the only one that thinks disney channel should have like a throwback thursday and play all the old shows? This was my favorite episode!

Oh, I get it (Wizards Of Waverly Place) does any one else miss this show as much as I do comment if so

Lol, Alex from that old Disney show -Wizards of Waverly Place - she understands! 😂 This is my life 😂

Suite Life, words of wisdom miss this show so much. They should put the old stuff back on Disney instead of this new stuff...

Suite Life of Zack and Cody, words of wisdom. They should put the old stuff back on Disney instead of this new stuff.

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i've always wanted to try something like this. maybe i'll teach a shawn hunter someday lol ♥ Boy Meets World

Why is he so cute?

Why is he so cute

Imagine Chris going on a date with Seb and they go out to dinner and laugh at each others sense of humor and then send each other texts under the table and they are mostly emojis. - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!

AHHAHAH. love this movie! @Courtney Mathewson She's the Man!

Check out this funny quote from the 2006 movie She's The Man starring Amanda Bynes and Channing Tatum.