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Sleeping with sirens

Pierce The Veil, "Hold On Til May" I'd love to get,"darling, you'll be okay" as a tattoo.

Oh my god how cute is this PTV is my favorite band ever! Lyrics.

Pierce the veil Bulletproof love "my love for you was bulletproof but youre the one who shot me!

:'( Tony I honestly think all of them have been saved by music. Jaime has raised his hand in the past. and it breaks my heart but it makes it that much better to know they are coming from almost the same situations as us. music was there when people weren't.

PTV (Pierce The Veil) Love This, I love this man and I am now crying thinking of all the things he could have needed saving from.

Bring Me The Horizon

Bring me the Horizon is one of my favorite bands next to Panic! They have lyrics that are encouraging to almost everyone and have helped me through so much.