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I Like This Picture a Lot

I so see Natsu doing this to his kids haha Fairy Tail - Natsu and Lucy - Baby bad natsu

Gruvia in a nutshell  Tags: #Gruvia | GrayFullbuster & JuviaLockser | #Fairytail

bonus strip from my previous post ♥ because gray enjoys squishing juvia’s crying face XD <<so precious!

A young celestial mage, Lucy Heartfilia, runs away from home and travels to the land of Fiore to join the magical Fairy Tail Guild. Along the way, she meets Natsu Dragneel, a teenage boy looking for his foster parent, a dr ... e Promotion of Japanese Animation's Industry Awards for best comedy manga.

LOL Cobra suffering from motion sickness, cause he is a dragon slayer XD Fairy Tail Oracion Seis

Father and son

Father and Son, Fairy Tail Comic, What if Acnologia was Gajeel's Dad?

Lucy and Aquarius. Aquarius was Lucy's best friend. The first and last time they saw saw each other.

Honestly Aquarius and Lucy's relationship is the best. (Not including romantic relationships hum hum Nalu)

Well anime things like quotes memes and more hope you like it!

Hahaha! Poor guy. I remember when Gajeel was like that. Maybe one day you'll get a cat. XD

Fairy Tail - the dragon slayers and their cats: Sting and Lector, Rogue and Frosch, Natsu and Happy, Wendy and Carla, Gajeel and Pantherlily