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- Hey there! From the 1st to the 22nd of October...

One of my favourite fairy tales, for Inktober day Don’t forget that all of these originals are going to be for sale on my Etsy shop once Inktober is over!

frannerd's blog: STAR MONEY

The Star Money (or The Star Talers) for inktober day What have we learned from this tale? That if you’re poor and kind, money will fall from the skies

tumblr_n0sw0aKaIU1qzh51uo2_1280.jpg (1134×1532 Frannerd

Chilean Illustrator living in London. Coffee lover, cat hugger and pencil hunter. Vegan, saves the.

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Things I’ve learned from fairy tales so far: frogs are always pretty people or/and princes or princesses. For today’s inktober I illustrated The Frog Princess or Princess Vasilisa.

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Can’t believe we’re on Inktober day For today’s illustration I did the russian fairy tale Sister Alyonushka and Brother Ivanushka (and yes, the brother is that goat because why not)

frannerd's blog

Things I enjoyed last month (and first day of Inktober!) Letraset Bleedproof paper, it was featured on this video (if you’re curious) A miniature easel.