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Jaguar eye by LarimarDragon.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Eye of the powefull jaguar, made with pencil. © 2008 made by me: *Please do not use this in any way. Thanks Jaguar eye

doug landis

Doug Landis learnt to draw picture by using his mouth. He loves animals and creates beautiful pencil sketches of wildlife. Here are his amazing mouth art.

Jaguar Pointillism Print By Mayhem Mediums

Jaguar Pointillism Art Print by Mayhem Mediums

Perfect leopard's eyes design.

Leopard Face Eyes Tattoo Design

View Leopard Eyes by Adam Scott Rote on artnet. Browse more artworks Adam Scott Rote from Collection Privee Gallery.

Leopard  by sschukina

Drawing-sketch "Cute Ostrich" by Svetlana Ledneva-Schukina. Struthio camelus Struthionida graphite pencils on paper.

Image result for snow leopard tattoo with flowers

Image result for snow leopard tattoo with flowers

there really should be a catagory for music fan art :/

Tattoo design for a friend's shoulder. Turns out the dragon is a little butch for her liking though, understandably. Back to the sketch pad!