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Chris Foss' science fiction art in the was gritty. he understood that machines rust

Chris Foss "Galactic Scrapyard" Science Fiction Art 1975

Dragon t-shirt

) here are some choice cuts from the book Hardware: the Definitive SF works of Chris Foss :) Chris Foss "Galactic Scrapyard" Science Fiction Art 1975

Juan Giménez

Arte fantástico

Juan Giménez

Doctor Ojiplático. Syd Mead. Futurist Designs

Syd Mead A compilation of Syd Mead’s, aka the Visual Futurist’s stellar body of work. The neofuturistic concept artist is known for designing the imagination behind of Blade Runner, Aliens, Tron and.

Ocio Inteligente: para vivir mejor

Ocio Inteligente: para vivir mejor

Chris Foss — Gavin Rothery

Chris Foss

Illustrator Chris Foss's art always had a Traveller feel to me. The more modern and "Far Future" look & style of Traveller's Third Imperium

Ships of the Line

design option simple geometric forms with graphics of the engineering printed on top Artist: Chris Foss

John Berkey artwork.

The art of John Berkey from his ‘Portal’ poster series. I can’t think of any way to describe Berkey’s style other than ‘majestically messy.’ He was responsible for some brilliant book covers in.