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Ocean Crystals Block Bracelet | AllFreeJewelryMaking.com

Ocean Crystals Block Bracelet

No sight is as breathtaking as gazing out upon an endless ocean, but this alluring Ocean Crystals Block Bracelet comes about as close as DIY jewelry can get to matching that beauty. Craft a dazzling homemade bracelet that will remind you of the sea.

Crystal Bracelet #21 - Pattern here: http://bead-tutorial.livejournal.com/26177.html#cutid1

This Colorful Pearls and Crystals Bracelet is a beautiful way to update classic pearl jewelry. You will love this simple bracelet pattern.

Swirling Pastel Crystals Bracelet | AllFreeJewelryMaking.com

Swirling Pastel Crystals Bracelet

Prepare for spring with sparkle when you try out this Swirling Pastel Crystals Bracelet. Learn how to make a bracelet with woven crystals and seed beads with this wonderful tutorial.

Learn how to make a bracelet by weaving crystals into magnificent order! The Scarlet and Black Bracelet will turn heads everywhere, and with the stunning arrangement of crystal and pearl, it's no wonder.

Scarlet and Black Bracelet

The Crystal On Right Angle Weave Bracelet is a delicate and beautiful piece that you'll be proud to wear. Learn how to make a bracelet with bead stitching and get some practice with right angle weave technique.

Dazzling Donut Crystal Bracelet | AllFreeJewelryMaking.com

Dazzling Donut Crystal Bracelet

This fun Evening Sparkle Bracelet is a right angle weave bead pattern that uses netting and crystal beads to create an elegant DIY bracelet. Add some glitz and glam to your beading patterns as you learn how to bead this crystalline piece of DIY jewel

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Blooming Crystals Bracelet

White Pearl and Black Crystal Watchband | AllFreeJewelryMaking.com

White Pearl and Black Crystal Watchband

Add some charm and beauty to your watch by designing a watchband like the White Pearl and Black Crystal Watchband. Just like all the DIY bracelets you have made, this watchband will jazz up your wrists and your appearance.