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That's kinda exactly how Sherlock and John met. Hmmm...

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amanda beig the best human in this world

The queen of the Sherlockians! The do dress like 5 year olds. People who dress and act like 5 year olds are the only people I wish to associate with.

All the Babes’ love for the fabulous Amanda and Martin at the NYC premiere of The Hobbit!

The League of British Artists: Martin Freeman Wants to Keep Going with Sherlock Beyond Season Three. (This is adorable but have they READ canon?

Lol #measanactor

" - Hahah, this reminds me of "What's your favorite bit of Hobbit merchandise?" "Oh - I'd say anything with my face on it really." <--- Well he is the king of sass, and definitely lives up to the title. <- Such sass.

"Lucky, lucky kidlets." - That is an awesome story.  I hope Martin's kids are old enough to remember this later. :o)  But even if they don't, the still have the fact that their dad is frickin' Bilbo Baggins AND John 'mess with Sherlock and I'll mess you up' Watson. ;)

the hobbit - ian mckellen reading martin freeman's kids bedtime stores. can gandalf please read me a bedtime story.