Just holding hands...illustration by Gil Elvgrin.

Gil Elvgren Story Art, So It's Dreams You Want, for McCall's Magazine March 1946

Haddon Sundblom.

... uh-oh!

The Man Next Door, oil on canvas 30 x 23 in. by Haddon Hubbard Sundblom (American,

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"'Lots of people get married without much to start on,' Jim said stubbornly", by Gil Elvgren

Boxer, giant dog, running

Born in Joel Rea has been painting in oils since graduating with a degree in fine art from the Queensland College of Art in

Growing up, every weekday morning my stepdad would make my mother a mug of earl grey tea...

(via vintage_ads: Balanced Pacific Sheets) coffee’s ready!…(my honey brings me coffee in bed with a sweet kiss on some weekends - thanks Jeff for being such a romantic after all these years)

John Newton Howitt (1885 – 1958, American)

John Newton Howitt (1885 – 1958, American)

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