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Surface of  a human tongue. I saw this and I thought wouldn't it be fun to have lots of these pics and have the kids guess what they were as as part of a Grossology program?

eviscerator: “ A macro photograph of taste buds on a human tongue. The human tongue has - taste buds (papillae). These are chemoreceptors capable of distinguishing between salty, sour,.


Microscopic shot of a hummingbird's tongue. They lick the nectar with fringed, forked tongue. Capillary action along the fringe of their tongue helps draw nectar up into their throats so they can swallow.

platelet mesh

Fibrin is a protein created by the body that works with platelets in the blood to clot a wound. As they reach the wound site, they attach themselves to fibers, and create a mesh with platelets.

Human tongue surface

Covering the tongue's surface are scale-like projections called filiform papillae, which sense pressure. The round areas (purple) are fungiform papillae which contain the taste buds.

A 10-11 week old human embryo. No political agenda - pretty amazing we all were at this stage. Eyes, fingers and brain area are intriguing

You are 7 Weeks and 2 Days Pregnant

Human embryo at 7 weeks gestation, measuring approximately 14 mm (crown to rump). the fingers and face are developing and growing rapidly but are still forming their shape. It is possible to clearly.

Weird. Yet sad and cool

Heart strings (tendons) inside the human heart.Heart strings can sometimes break after a deep emotional trauma causing the heart to lose form an as a result be unable to pump blood effectively, you can literally die from a broken heart.

Tongue showing taste bud, filiform papillae and fungiform papillae. SEM.

☤ MD ☞ ☆☆☆ Tongue showing taste bud, filiform papillae and fungiform papillae. SEM **On Page Credit Required**.

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