Hey mom I got detention:( What? What happened and you're grounded. Well when the teacher was standing in front of the chalk board she asked all idiots to stand up. I stood up and said to her 'well I didn't want you to feel lonely.

Lol. I'm just saving this cause my name's Caitlyn and this is the first time I've found another person who spells it the same way

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Text Fail: Find some more intelligent friends... unfortunately I would consider doing this until I realized what I was doing

Funny pictures about I've found this phone. Oh, and cool pics about I've found this phone. Also, I've found this phone.

cyanide and happiness christmas #christmasmemes

cyanide and happiness christmas #christmasmemes

I need to meet these people! And friends them

You were so drunk last night!Your joking, I barely drank. You yelled ''THIS IS SPARTA'' then kicked your sister off the porch!Well do you do it naked, with a pot on your head, and a shovel in your hand?

this happens every time in my head..

How many times have you made an autocorrect mistake when sending a text message? These are 12 really funny text messages.