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I look at my art now and go no

I fudging looked at my old art yesterday from like years ago (some even just last year) and I cringed so hard!

Haha drawing too well and setting the bar too high

First I break my own standards, then I reluctantly set the bar of expectations higher making it EVEN MORE difficult for me to outdo myself.

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Artists being friends with artists pros and cons // by Sarah Andersen // Doodle time // Other artist: the forever sassy Leonard Peng

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I think most artists can agree that sometimes you just go into this other state of being where there's nothing but you and the canvas.


YOU HAVE NO IDEA!<<it's gotten so bad to the point that i can't sketch digitally, i have to upload a drawing from my sketchbook onto my computer than ink over it

Cuando tienes ideas para viñetas pero no se te da dibujar        Gracias a http://www.cuantocabron.com/   Si quieres leer la noticia completa visita: http://www.skylight-imagen.com/cuando-tienes-ideas-para-vinetas-pero-no-se-te-da-dibujar/

Should you appreciate arts and crafts a person will enjoy this cool website!

How To Draw Anime Eyes. <<<< there not just anime, their just expressing some of the many ways to draw different eyes don't diss peoples art styles

Then wishing you could have a small portion of thier artistic greatness

Then wishing you could have a small portion of thei artistic greatness