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No kiss

Page 4 Read Wendy. (Peter Pan) from the story Peter Pan/Robbie Kay Imagines by (Snookie) with reads.


I really can't stop laughing. He just wanted to be fabulous. Not to mention who ever owns this place loves Frozen. I mean just look at everything in the background. Can I marry you?

Lost Boys captured. Peter Pan (1953) - Disney Screencaps.com

Screencap Gallery for Peter Pan Bluray, Disney Classics). An adaptation of J. Barrie's story about a boy who never grew up. The three children of the Darling family receive a visit from Peter Pan, who takes the

Not a big fan of frozen but have to say that is hilarious

Admit it, you read it in his voice. // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - omg if u watched frozen u would understand the joke!

*THE LOST BOYS ~ Peter Pan in Return to Neverland

Peter Pan and the Lost Boys with Tinker Bell in "Return to Never Land," the 2002 sequel to "Peter Pan" that reacquainted movie audiences with the sprite.

Funny Pictures of the day - The horses in Disney films are REAL! (60 Pics)

I knew this! One of my favorite breeds of horse. Fjords are like teddy bear horses! I l was SO excited to see that they had them in the movie, since the movie was based out of Norway. A nice change of pace from the horses in most Disney movies.