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My soul honors your soul.I honor the place in you where the entire universe resides. I honor the light, love, truth, beauty and peace within you, because it is also within me. In sharing these things we

10 Reasons Why I Love Yoga....

Power Monday Ten Reasons Why I Love Yoga.I just don't like that competitive is spelled wrong.but no judgements right?

Lily will do the yoga that's she's allowed to do...but we have a few years before meditation.

If every 8 year old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence in the world within one generation ~ Dalai Lama

MY Yoga

My yoga - it doesn't mater if things aren't perfect. My practice is my time to feel alive, loved, and free. Whats your yoga?


Let Go of Those Love Handles! A Yoga Sequence to Help Tone Your Tummy


Secondary to my fitness goal, and primary to my mental serenity goal, is to return to my yoga studio and resume my practice. This is going to take more injury and illness recovery before I can do more than restorative yoga at the moment - but

5 THINGS yoga has taught me:   1. Honor Your Body  2. Let go of things that no longer serve you.  3. Breathe.  4. Be present...and okay with it.  5. You can achieve more than you think.

Being new to yoga I can attest to this. It opens your mind and sets deep in your soul and pushes you forward in more ways than one. I started yoga to gain health for my body and have achieved that as well as health for my soul!

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