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Salvador de Bahia

A tour of the historic Salvador de Bahia, Brazil, the Capital of Happiness"~

Zilker Elementary Art Class: 4th & 5th Grade Russian Architecture Drawings

Basil’s Cathedral ~ Moscow ~ Russia ~ The spectacular St. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow was commissioned by Ivan the Terrible in the century to commemorate a military victory. It is easily the most famous sight on Red Square. The riot of color a

New Mosque ,Istanbul,Turkey

Sunset over the Sultan Ahmed Mosque (Sultanahmet Camii) or Blue Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey. Built from 1609 to 1616 during the rule of Ahmed I.

Interior of Segovia Cathedral, Spain | Incredible Pictures -- It's even more incredible in real life.

Segovia Cathedral, Spain Catedral de Segovia, España It'd be so gnarly to devote an entire vacation to visiting Cathedrals like this.

Hagia Sophia, Istanbul, Turkey one of the few places that the main reason I want to go is for the history. <3

Interior view of the Hagia Sophia, showing Islamic elements on the top ofthe main dome, Turkey. The Hagia Sophia originally built as a Christian church by Roman Emperor Justinian I in Constantinople (aka Istanbul).

Hiçbir şeyim yok akıp giden sokaktan başka. Şiir sokakta. Cemal Süreya.

Istanbul Galata tower Medieval stone tower previously called flower of Christ

Hagia Sophia - Istanbul

is going to Turkey

Hagia Sophia - Was a Greek orthodox Christian Patriarchal basilica (church), later an imperial mosque, and how a museum (Ayasofya Müzesi) in Istanbul, Turkey.

Mesquita Azul, Instambul.

Blue Mosque or The Sultan Ahmed Mosque is an historic mosque in Istanbul. The mosque is popularly known as the Blue Mosque for the blue tiles adorning the walls of its interior. It was built during the rule of Ahmed I.