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My mom.....every time! :)

The moment you're laughing so hard and you try to stop, but you look at the person and laugh again.

happens all the time to me

Teenager Post - Whenever I try cleaning my room I either end up making a bigger mess, or just playing with the things I thought I lost.

All the time.

Seriously though, sometimes I wonder if my parents have installed hidden cameras just to spy on me.

All the time!!!!

Why is this a teenager quote? It should be a nerd quote. Like how you became fan of the Legend of Zelda, but you can't find any other fangirl who likes it too, and you just want to talk about it all the time? Well no.

Hahaha!! Every single time!!  That happens all the time to me!!!

omg once someone asked the time and this guy started singing the song OMG everyone started to DIE of laughter!

I think it's weird if I don't break out in song. You can't pass up an opportunity like that!

all the time. my friends are always like really another song? haha especially when its like every word they say i sing a song too