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Longboards USA - Black Shades 40" Kicktail Longboard from Punked - Complete, $105.00 (http://longboardsusa.com/longboards/longboards-for-beginners/black-shades-40-kicktail-longboard-from-punked-complete/)

Black Shades 40" Kicktail Longboard from Punked - Complete

Longboards USA - Black Shades Kicktail Longboard from Punked - Complete…

Landyachtz 40" Chinook Longboard Complete  http://www.thelongboardstore.com/longboards/landyachtz/40-2012-chinook-complete/

Yea, I kinda want this. for when I learn how to longboard :) Landyachtz Chinook Longboard Complete

The DB 36" Vantage is a compact board built for freeride and cruising. With a short wheelbase, solid trucks, and double barrel bushings, this deck is great for sliding and downtown agility. The drop through platform makes for a lower center of gravity, which demands less energy to push further and faster.

DB 36" Vantage Drop Through Longboard Complete